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Earlier this year we were informed that the complimentary software provided for the Elite BPM could no longer be maintained after May, 2017. The software supplied for the unit was a third party product, licensed for use, but not owned by Airssential. By way of explanation, we were advised that due to the extended level of security updates and patches released by Windows and various anti-virus companies to protect against ransomware attacks, prevalent earlier this year, the protocol for uploading of data was now being blocked by the operating system to further prevent against malware infections. Further the exact nature of the issue varied with which version of Windows and which anti-virus product was being used, resulting in each consumer installation requiring custom adaptation to be operational. The software company deemed this not be viable and discontinued support for the Elite software with a view of launching a completely re-written version of the software in the future. The last update to the Elite Software is still available for download and trial on your PC but no further support for this feature is now available.