BeBeVac Nasal Aspirator
BeBeVac Nasal Aspirator
BeBeVac Nasal Aspirator - Airssential Health Care

BeBeVac Nasal Aspirator

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Nasal Aspirator plus 1 box replacement filters.
Replacement Filters Box, 24
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Mother using BeBeVac Nasal Aspirator

Bebévac Nasal Aspirator: The New Secret Weapon for Infant Cold and Flu Seasons

The BeBéVac Nasal Aspirator is a practical and reliable tool for maintaining clear nasal passages. It provides an effective, low-cost solution for clearing nasal congestion in babies and young children, even outdoors, as it requires no electricity to operate.

Its simple European design allows for easy suction control, ensuring comfort for the child while effectively removing excess mucus. This compact and portable tool is easy to clean and reuse, making it a convenient option for parents seeking relief for their little ones.


Instil nasal saline into the nostrils before aspirating to reduce mucus thickness and facilitate its removal. Position the child face up on a flat surface (like a mattress) or upright on your lap facing towards you. Place the aspirator tip against the child’s nostril and create a vacuum by sucking on the mouthpiece to remove nasal mucus. Once mucus collects in the aspirator tube, clean it with a tissue. Repeat this procedure until nasal passages are clear.


After use, disassemble the BebéVac Nasal Aspirator and wash the mouthpiece and aspirator with detergent in warm water or in a dishwasher. Wipe the suction tube with alcohol to clean it. The protection filter is for single use only and should be replaced after each use to maintain effective suction and hygiene.


  • Do not use the BebéVac Nasal Aspirator to remove mucus from other body areas, including the mouth, throat or ears.
  • Never connect the BebéVac Nasal Aspirator to electrical or mechanical suction equipment.
  • Do not exhale or blow air through the mouthpiece if the aspirator’s tip is placed against the child’s nostril.

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