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AiroEze Nebuliser

Price: $ 129.00

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The AiroEze® Aerosol Therapy System is an efficient and economically priced nebuliser to meet the needs of patients requiring intermittent home therapy.  
The AiroEze® Aerosol Therapy System is comprised of a powerful, piston compressor and an efficient nebuliser chamber delivering medication directly into the lungs to provide rapid symptom relief. The AiroEze is suitable for the inhalation of most commonly prescribed broncodilator medicines.
Compact, quiet and reliable the AiroEze® Aerosol Therapy System is ideal for your treatment.

 AiroEze Specifications:

Power supply: 230V~ 50Hz,
Jet flow rate: 4 - 7 l/min
Max. nebuliser bowl volume: 6 ml
Sound level: ≤ 65 dB
Compressor pressure range: > 205 kPa
Weight approx.: 1.3 kg
2 Masks, Bowl, Tubing, Filters, Nylon carry bag

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