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Vitalic T.E.N.S. Replacement Electrodes

Price: $ 26.00

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The Vitalic T.E.N.S Electrode pads supplied with this device are self-adhesive and can be re-used several times. Vitalic T.E.N.S. Electrode pads are made of a high quality compound for extended treatment life and are low-allergenic.

Replace electrodes when they lose their adhesive quality in order not to affect the efficiency of your therapy. Replace with original Vitalic Leaf Electrodes to ensure peak performance from your equipment.

Note: Do not use electrodes with this device having a surface area smaller than 4cm x 4cm.

Note: Electrodes are for single patient use only and should not be shared.

- Fast application, easy handling and removal;
- Strong adhesive;
- Low impedance and high conductivity;
- Self-adhering and reusable;

- Size: 75mm x 50mm leaf electrode;

- Pack of 4;

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