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Attest VivaChek Ino Glucose Monitoring Kit

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The Attest VivaChek Ino Blood Glucose Monitor compliments each patient’s desire to achieve improved health by enabling them to easily test, interpret and act in consultation with their doctor. Decisions may be based on individual readings or by considering values averaged over the past day, week or months. Modern and compact in design the  Attest monitor is simple to use allowing discreet, reliable and very accurate personal testing in all situations.

New VivaChek Ino enhancements include: 

No-Code Technology

Easier use with no recalibration required between strip packets.

Wider Hematocrit Range (20%-70%)

Allows neonatal, gestational and anemic testing and may eliminate up to 40% of errors in readings
Enhanced Memory Capacity

900-test result memory function with before and after meal designation.

USB Connection

Optional computer program and connection available.

Fast Measurements with Enhanced Accuracy

Provides accurate results in 5 seconds. All readings are within ± 15% (many monitors available have an error in readings of ± 30%).

Hypo- and Ketone Alerts

Alerts the risk associated with extreme glucose readings

Used Strip Ejection

Eject used test strips without handling, significantly reducing the risk of blood borne diseases for carers and medical staff.

A Lifetime Warranty

No Interference Issues

From medications, co-morbidities or glucose similar sugars. Some common medications that, at higher blood concentrations, can affect results include :
Molecule  Condition     Effect On BG Reading 
Uric acid  Gout              Decreases reading
Paracetamol  Arthritis    Decreases reading
Levodopa          Parkinson’s    Variable
Methyldopa  Hypertension    Variable  

These features improve the convenience of monitoring and managing blood glucose. The Attest VivaChek Ino Blood Glucose Monitor Kit is supplied as follows:

• Blood glucose meter

• 10 lancets

• Lancing device

• Carrying case

• User’s manual

• Quick reference guide

• Warranty card

• Logbook 

The Kit excludes test strips and calibrating solution, both of which are available at your local NDSS pharmacy.

Attest VivaChek Ino Blood Glucose Meter Specifications:



Measurement Range  0.6-33.3 mmol/L
Result Calibration                Plasma-equivalent
Sample                              Fresh capillary whole blood
Sample Volume         About 0.5 µL
Test Time 5 seconds
Power Source Two (2) CR 2032, 3.0 V batteries
Battery Life 12 months or approx 1,000 tests
Glucose Units of Measure Millimoles per Litre (mmol/L)
Memory 900 records with date and time
Automatic Shut-off 2 minutes after last action
Dimensions 82.5 mm ×52 mm × 18.2 mm
Display Size 31 mm × 37 mm
Weight Approximately         47g (with battery) 
Operating Temperature 5°C -45°C
Operating Humidity         10%-90% (non-condensing)
Hematocrit Range 20%-70%
Data port Micro         USB


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