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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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Pulse oximetry is used for spot checking blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate, in the monitoring of various conditions. This pulse oximeter is calibrated to display functional oxygen saturation in % Sp02.

Examples of the conditions where pulse oximetry is used include the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, assessing therapy in infants with bronchiolitis, grading the severity of an asthma attack or management of home oxygen therapy and provides instant warnings for necessary action.



Measurement Range :   % Sp02 35-99 ; Pulse rate: 30-250 pulse/min

Accuracy :                      % Sp02 70~99%±2%;Pulse rate 30-250 ± 3bp

Display:                          Organic two way colour display 

Power Supply:                2 AAA alkaline batteries (16 hours usage)    

Operating Environment: +5oC to +40oC, 15% - 95% RH

Storage Environment:    -20oC to +70oC, 15% - 95% RH

Size/Weight:                   635 x 340 x 350mm/ 37g excluding batteries

Applicable finger:           Approximately 20 to 75mm circumference

Warranty:                       12 months



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