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An easy-to-use and accurate thermometer choice for every family need

Airssential provides an extensive selection of thermometers, both contact and non-contact. A thermometer in the home and office is essential, particularly with the risk of COVID-19 within the community.

Simplicity of use, new technology and ergonomic design are all advantages of a non-contact thermometer that eliminate the need of patient involvement and any inconvenience or discomfort associated with other thermometry methods. Results can be read within one second but most importantly, non-contact thermometers eliminate the risk of cross-infection.

Ear Thermometers are the hospital's method of choice for fever monitoring, as they provide an indication of the body's core temperature. With the ear thermometer the temperature is measured from the tympanic membrane located at the end of the ear canal. The ear canal must be straightened by pulling the ear slightly upwards prior to measurement to obtain an accurate reading. Results can be read within 2 seconds and the risk of cross-infection between family members is eliminated via the the use of disposable probe covers.

Digital stick thermometer (the Airssential Rapid and Jumbo models) are soft and flexible for comfort and patient safety. These thermometers are suitable for oral, rectal or under arm use. They are water resistant for rinsing and may be disinfected by wiping with an alcohol swab. These thermometers are inexpensive and provide results within 10 seconds in co-operating patients.

Thermometers should be used in conjunction with other health monitoring devices at home, particularly the Airo-Oxy Oximeter during COVID outbreaks, to monitor the your family's health.

6 products

6 products