Standard Pillow Case

Standard Pillow Case

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Dust mites proliferate in mattresses, pillows and quilts where moisture, temperature and human skin particles provide optimal conditions for growth. Clinical trials have demonstrated that allergies and sensitivities including asthma attacks can be significantly reduced if protective covers are placed over items of bedding such as the mattress, pillows and quilts to create a barrier between the individual and the dust mite pellet dust.

Further clinical studies have shown the gestational life of a foetus is also critical to the subsequent development of atopic diseases (such as asthma, eczema, rhinitis, etc) with infants born to susceptible mothers where interventions, including dust mite covers, were applied to minimise their exposure to dust mite allergens during their pregnancies being less prone to atopic diseases.

Airssential has developed a totally new, air permeable, high efficiency air filtration fabric specifically to use as a barrier against dust mite allergens.

Produced in conjunction with a specialist manufacturer the Airssential fabric is manufactured into a bedding protection range which overcomes the need for regular hot washing of bedding items and even allows the use of natural fillings such as feathers or wool in bed clothes. Airssential fabric is very user friendly and fully washable.


Australian Made
Size 40cm x 60cm fully encasing pillow
2 year warranty against defective workmanship
Machine washable at 60oC, with a recommended washing interval of 6 to 8 weeks.
DO NOT bleach, iron or dry clean