Vitalic Digital Scale

Vitalic Digital Scale

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The Vitalic Digital Scale is easy to use and equipped with precision sensors making it ideal for the routine monitoring of body weight. The display clearly indicates weight in either metric (kg) or imperial (St, lbs) units as preferred. For accuracy, weigh yourself at the same time whenever you use the scale. Weighing is best performed in the morning immediately after rising wearing minimal clothes, no footwear and prior to eating.

Comes with a built-in Thermometer and displays the temperature on the LCD screen. 


Sensor: High-precision strain-gauge sensors
Display: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Unit: kg/pounds/stones
Max Capacity: 180kgs (396 lbs/28 stone)
Graduation: 50g/0.1lb
Activation: Automatic upon stepping on scale
Zero re-setting: Automatic
Switch-off: Automatic (10 seconds)
Battery: 2 x AAA Batteries 1.5V
Low Battery Display: “Lo”
Error Display: “Err”
Overload Display: “o-Ld”