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Vitalic Commando BMI Scale

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Being overweight can affect health both directly and indirectly resulting in a variety of illnesses and disorders including diabetes, hypertension, breathlessness, sleep apnoea, osteo-arthritis, etc.

Together with a calorie controlled diet and exercise, the Vitalic Commando Digital BMI scale is an essential companion in the routine monitoring of dietary progress and body weight. The Vitalic Coomando is easy to use and equipped with high precision sensors for accurate and consistent measurement of body weight. The large display clearly indicates weight in either metric (kilogram) or imperial units (pounds) as preferred.

Place the scale on a hard, flat surface to ensure the greatest accuracy for your reading. Uneven floors or placing the scale on a soft floor covering, such as carpet, may affect the accuracy of your readings.

Technical Specifications
Capacity: 5kg - 180kg or 11lbs - 400lbs (28 Stone)
Units: Kilogram / Pounds / Stone and Pounds
Division: 100g / 0.2lb
Fat Range: 5%-45%
Water Range: 29%-69.5%
Muscle Division: 0.1%
Bones Division: 0.1%
Age Range: 10-99
Height Range: 100-220cm
Overload Indication: EEEE