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Vitalic Hot and Cold Gel Pack Small 275g

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The Vitalic™ Hot and Cold Gel Pack is manufactured from durable fabric and flexible nontoxic gel. It's design provides effective hot or cold therapy to:

Reduce swelling

Help reduce the severity of symptoms

Relieve painful muscle aches and joints

Help reduce the healing time after injury

Has a soft durable washable cover for greater comfort

Is filled with soft long lasting temperature retaining gel

Cold Therapy is applied for the first 48 hours after an injury and is used to slow blood flow thereby reducing swelling and pain. Follow the directions printed on the Vitalic Hot/Cold pack to  prepare the pack for use.

Cold therapy is widely used to:

Reduce temperature

Reduce swelling and bruising after injury

Provide temporary relief from the acute pain associated with toothache, headaches, minor burns, insect bites or stings, etc.

Hot Therapy is applied after 48 hours when the swelling has dissipated. Hot therapy will improve joint mobility and promote healing by increasing blood flow at the site of the injury. Heat the gel pack either in the microwave or by boiling. Follow the directions applicable to the chosen heating method printed on the hot/cold pack.

Hot therapy is widely used to:

Relief of menstrual pain

Aid in increasing joint mobility

Provide temporary relief from chronic painful muscle and joint conditions


Should the contents of this pack be exposed to the skin or eyes flush with cold water immediately.

This pack contains non-toxic gel. Consult your doctor should any symptoms occur.

Do not apply the unwrapped pack directly to skin to avoid  temperature trauma to the injury site.

Persons who suffer circulatory disorders should consult their doctor before using this product.


Weight: 270g

Size: 23cm x 13cm

Filled with safe Non-Toxic, Non-Caustic Gel

Filled with high density gel for longer heat retention

Wider pack boarders to reduce risk of bursting during heating

Soft washable cover provided to avoid temperature trauma to skin