About Us


Since Airssential began over 28 years ago, the company has grown to be one of the most trusted and respected healthcare providers in the Australian market. We embrace and drive positive changes in our internal culture to enhance our vision and the currency of core values in all our activities.


The Airssential vision is clear, simple, and exciting: it is to partner with individuals and their doctors, in becoming proactive in the management of their health to improve wellness.

Better health increases the degree to which an individual is comfortable, well, and able to participate in the life events which underpin a better quality of life.

Realising this vision has been a relentless pursuit by Airssential for over a quarter of a century. The vision is empowered through education and the provision of reliable and accurate medical devices to treat conditions or monitor the body's vital signs and alert the user to seek medical advice when necessary. The Airssential vision, we can humbly say, has allowed many thousands of Australians to enjoy better health, wellness and subsequently a better life.


As an Australian innovator of health care products, Airssential was also one of the first companies to proudly market a greener and healthier product choice to customers.

Strict company compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive of the European Parliament, restricts Airssential’s from marketing devices containing heavy metals. This lessens the impact of such toxic compounds on our environment and on our health. 

Airssential's extensive product offering meets or exceeds international standards for safety and performance, and are manufactured in quality-assured facilities to guarantee reliability and customer satisfaction.

In Australia, Airssential products are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Canberra which independently certifies their quality, their adherence to production standards and their fitness for use.

Airssential continues to develop and market better products based on advances in knowledge and medical technology at very, very competitive prices to consumers.



Products for relief of respiratory conditions including Asthma and COPD. The range includes nebulisers, medication inhalation spacers, peak flow monitors, anti-dust Mite bedding, etc.


Blood Pressure Monitors and Atrial Fibrillation Screening Blood Pressure Monitors.


Electronic Rapid, Non-Contact, and Ear Thermometers to exactly meet your need.


Well-being products including: TENS for mobility, rehabilitation and pain relief therapies, UV lights for pain relief, Scales, Sleep Apnoea devices, Sports products, etc.

Select an Airssential brand when shopping for your healthcare needs. Their value, performance and reliability will never disappoint! 


We have an experienced, highly focused customer service team available to answer inquiries you may have from warranty, availability, product specifications, most appropriate selection, or whatever.

They aim to deliver not only satisfaction but WOW through their service to you and are highly committed to delivering this goal.

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Our quest is to help you realise a new empowerment over your life through participation in the Airssential vision. We look forward to partnering you to better health, and a better life, for many years to come.