About Us


Since Airssential began in the Australian market nearly 25 years ago, the company’s vision has been to educate, empower and partner people under their doctor’s supervision, in becoming proactive in the management of their health.

At Airssential, we believe that better health underpins a better quality of life. Improving your health requires the use of reliable and accurate medical devices to treat debilitating symptoms or monitor your body's vital signs and alert you, if the need to seek medical intervention is necessary to  improve health status.


As an Australian innovator of personal health care products, Airssential recognises the importance of education in improving health outcomes. Airssential disseminates educational material through selected pharmacies throughout Australia and via the internet, to help people understand how a medical condition, such as asthma, hypertension or diabetes may respond to medication, dietary changes or the effect that lifestyle influences including illness, exercise, stress, variation in routine, alcohol consumption, etc may have upon their well-being and make informed decisions towards improving self care and health.

Airssential products offer an extensive selection of quality, well-priced medical and personal products for home therapy, condition monitoring or simply to improve fitness and well-being. Products are available through selected pharmacies and the internet. All our products are safe, easy to use, made with quality components and manufactured in quality-assured facilities to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction.

All Airssential products conform to applicable international standards and are approved for use in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Canberra to allow their use with confidence.



Asthma Nebulisers, MDI Spacers, Peak Flow Monitors, Anti-Dust Mite Bedding.


Upper Arm and Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors, 

LifeLine Attest VivaChek:

Blood Glucose Monitors, Test Strips, Lancing Device, Lancets.


Thermometers – Electronic, Flexible, Waterproof, Rapid Response, Non-Contact and Tympanic Ear Thermometers to exactly meet your needs.


High Accuracy In-Stream Pregnancy Tests


Well-being products including: TENS Circulation Enhancing and Pain Relief Therapy, Moist Heat Wheat Packs,  Instant Ice Spray, Hot and Cold Gel Packs, WeightMaster Bathroom Scales (180kg capacity), FM Pedometer.

Airssential continues to develop new improved products using continuous improvements in medical technology to help restore that elusive balance between better health and a better healthier life.

We are proud to announce Airssential is a greener and healthier product choice... complying with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive 2017/65/EU of the European Parliament and Council.

This directives restricts the marketing of electronic equipment containing heavy metals or their compounds and set standards for safer disposal of waste electronic equipment and components (WEEE) to lessen their impact on our environment and on our health.


We have an experienced, highly focused customer service team available to answer any inquiries you may have from warranty, availability, product specifications and best selections, etc. Please contact us.


We can proudly say that Airssential’s vision has allowed thousands of Australians to enjoy better health and wellness.

Realise a new empowerment through a proactive approach to personal health and wellness with Airssential. We look forward to partnering you to better health, and a better life, for many years to come.